Emergency water leak – Troon

Had a call from one of my customers in Troon who had a water leaking through her bedroom ceiling.

There was a dripping noise coming from her spare bedroom. Luckily it was hitting her leather chair making the noise louder otherwise things could have been a lot worse.

She’s a pensioner who still has her wits about her so called me the minute she noticed something was wrong.

When entering the loft. I found that her ball valve had failed and wasn’t shutting off. What was more worrying was that the over flow pipe had been cut off by the previous Plumber. But no connected back up again.

When the valve failed the water overflowed onto the loft floor. Then through to the bedroom below.

After shutting the water off. I fitted a new float valve as well as an Isolator valve for easier future maintenance. Then  fitted a longer piece to the overflow pipe to make sure if actually flowed outside.

Like it’s supposed to!

It seems that the previous Plumber had fitted a smaller tank and capped off the old supply. But didn’t bother to reconnect the overflow up.

It’s all good doing DIY but certain jobs you should leave to the trades men as otherwise it could be very costly.

It’s very important to have safe isolation of the water supply. You can now get isolator valves with a lever on them similar to washing machine valves. So no more hunting around for a screwdriver to be able to shut the water off to limit any further damage.

It just goes to show that if you take your time and pay attention to the details it could save a lot of bother and money in the future for the customer.

For the sake of a few pounds. You can save £100’s